Why Omni Academy

  • Seamless Learning Experience: Omni Academy offers a seamless and intuitive mobile app interface, ensuring a smooth learning journey for every student.
  • Preparation tests/Mock Test: Our app has prep tests which students can select year, subject and topic to answer past questions. The Mock test feature ensures students a real exam experience before the main examination.
  • Social Learning: Our app fosters a supportive community where students can connect with peers, share knowledge, and collaborate on learning projects.
  • Syllabus and Past Questions: Students have access to a comprehensive syllabus and extensive database of past questions, enabling thorough exam preparation.
  • Real-time Progress Tracking: Omni's coaching app features real-time progress tracking, allowing students and parents to monitor academic development and receive personalised recommendations for improvement.We pride ourselves on providing education and exam preparation that is parents/guardian inclusive.
  • Interactive Live Classes: Weekly interactive live classes provide students with opportunities for revision, doubt clearing, and solving past questions with experienced tutors.
  • Gamified Learning Challenges: Engaging gamified learning challenges motivate students and reward achievements, fostering a healthy sense of competition and motivation.
  • In-App Counseling and Support: Omni goes beyond academics by offering in-app counselling services and support features to address the emotional and psychological aspects of exam preparation.
  • Badging: Badges are credentials awarded to individuals upon completion of a session or mock examination to validate their skills and knowledge in a particular area.